Quickly customized an adapter based

Its dental division, formerly known as Marr Valve Company, is an expert in small pneumatic valves, manifolds and custom injection-molded parts for the dental industry. We needed to redesign the adapter for our SecureTip saliva ejector'" said Melissa Slayden, RDH, vice president of sales for SecureTip. Manufacturing and engineering experts update proven designs for unique dental instrument needsST. Custom design services from Specialty Manufacturing (SMC), formerly known as Marr Valve Company, meet these needs by using decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise to create tailored designs for clients. We provide customers with the highest level of service in research, design and delivery solutions to solve their application challenges. "When we met SMC' we thought, ‘This is the relationship we want. In one case, the company helped SecureTip redesign an adapter for its saliva ejector, which features a threaded connection to lock the straw in place. “By collaborating with our customers, we’re able to translate their ideas into customized, smart and functional designs that are also efficient to manufacture."SMC’s design process is built around manufacturability, to deliver the highest quality products that are also cost-effective.SMC offers custom design services as well as a full suite of standard products that can be customized based on the application.com to learn more about our dental capabilities. (March, 2017) – As dental technology advances, inventors and innovators are looking for better ways to deliver effective products to market. We were able to start sending this new product to our customers within two weeks of our first conversation.”About Specialty ManufacturingAn ISO 9001:2008 certified business, Specialty Manufacturing (SMC) includes six vertically integrated divisions to deliver high-quality valves, hydraulic couplers and dental components to the market.“Our in-house capabilities includes technical and engineering support, as well as design and prototyping expertise,” said Cheryl Monson, operations manager for SMC’s dental division.' They listened to our design needs, solved performance issues and Pipe Fittings Caps Wholesalers quickly customized an adapter based on our straw.